About Dorchase

Dorchase was founded in 1983, we design and manufacture high fidelity and affordable audio products. We are passionate about audio. Our mission is to design and manufacture products that can produce high fidelity sound at affordable price. Our chief acoustics engineer Mr. Xu, who is universally recognized as a sound master in Asia and has over 60 years in the acoustics industries.  We are working together to design and develop the sound that will surprise you and at affordable price.

As soon as you have a product idea (industrial design ready), we work together with you on the R&D including cabinet volume calculation, mechanical design, mold design and manufacturing. We bring your idea into ready products that deliver great sound quality.

Our product line includes:

  • 2.1 Speaker System
  • All-in-one 2.1 Speaker System
  • 5.1 Home Theatre System
  • Hybrid Amplifier
  • Subwoofer
  • Wooden Speaker
  • Hi-End Amplifier
  • PA Speaker
  • PA Amplifier