DSW10 Active Subwoofer

Looking for a subwoofer that can fulfill your home cinema and just not so big? Dorchase DSW series is designed at only 100W power, with one active driver and two passive radiators, but the subwoofers’ performance exceeds your expectation from what a 100W power subwoofer can bring you. DSW8 and DSW10 is perfect for medium-sized and multi-purpose rooms where allows you to enjoy both music and watch movies at your private theater.



Technical Specification

Speaker Driver 10 inch
Passive Radiators 10 inch x 2
Rated Output Power 100W
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.25% (4ohms,100Hz)
Frequency Range 30Hz-240Hz
Sensitivity 350mV
Phase Invert Switch 0 or 180 degrees
Dimension 337 x 337 x 337 mm
Net Weight 16.5kg



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